In November of 2014, Big Daddy Publishers, LLC announced the publication of The MACE Manifesto: The Politically Incorrect, Irreverent, and Scatological Examination of What is Wrong with American Public Education.  This educational tome is over 600 pages of “[e]nlightening, empowering, exhilarating, and entertaining insights about American Public Education on all levels — local, state, and national!”

Attorney Preston Haliburton described this book as “a gripping and riveting read” and educator James (Gunny) Yawn says that The MACE Manifesto is “the tour-de-force on public education.”  Georgia State Representative Sandra G. Scott states that the authors “are politically incorrect but are absolutely correct on public education!”  Educator Bo T. Oates calls The MACE Manifesto “the Bible on public education!”



Coming soon to this page will be one of the chapters of The MACE Manifesto:  The Politically Incorrect, Irreverent, and Scatological Examination of What is Wrong with American Public Education.  The authors are Founder and Chairman of the Metro Association of Classroom Educators (MACE), Dr. John R. Alston Trotter, and  MACE‘s Executive Vice Chairman Norreese L. Haynes.   Trotter and Haynes issue what appears to be a very cogitated call for revolution, not clarification or obfuscation, in American Public Education (APE).

These leaders of MACE appear to have  prescient insights into what is wrong with public education today.  Trotter and Haynes certainly do not pull any punches when they lower the boom on what they call “an educational state analogous to Germany‘s Weimar Republic in the 1920s or, better yet, the Pretorian Government of South Africa during the days of apartheid.”  They contend that the waste and ineffectiveness and inhmanity of the public educational system in the United States is “both mind-boggling and unconscionable.”  Dr. Trotter states:  “It appears that no one wants to acknowledge what is fundamentally and systematically wrong with the system.  Everyone appears to be worried about being politically corrrect and polite.  Mr. Haynes and I are concerned about neither.  We simply tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.”